Sustainability Assessments

Sustainability Assessments

A sustainability assessment is required for all major new developments and sets out the commitments made by the applicants to the project and the targets to be applied comprehensively to all commercial and residential buildings.  The assessment shows how a development complies with national, regional and local planning policies and guidance with regards to sustainability.

The sustainability assessment includes the following:

  • National, regional and local policies
  • Climate change impact
  • Community living, services and amenities
  • Place making and construction impact
  • Transport and movement
  • Ecology and landscaping
  • Code for Sustainable Homes & BREEAM levels

Whitecode provide sustainability assessments for domestics, commercial and mixed used developments.  It is important to discuss the development’s sustainability requirements at an early stage to confirm and interpret all planning policies and the most feasible way for the development to gain planning consent.

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