Energy Strategies

Energy Strategies

Energy strategies provide an in depth analysis as to how developments can lessen their environmental impact through improved energy efficiency through passive design, applying low carbon technologies and the use of renewable technologies.

There is no lawful requirement for an energy strategy; however, regional planning departments generally ask for them as part of their commitment to greener buildings.  Energy targets differ depending on what the local council’s planning policies are, therefore an energy strategy needs to be provided to confirm compliance with the relevant policies at the planning stage of the development.

Whitecode provide energy strategies for domestic, commercial and mixed use developments.  It is important to discuss the development’s energy requirements at an early stage to confirm local planning policies and the most feasible way for the development to comply with the ever improving energy targets. A range of SAP and SBEM calculations will be provided as part of the statement providing evidence of reduced energy use and CO2 emissions throughout the different stages of design.

Whitecode will also attend meetings with the local council to present and discuss the energy strategy if required.

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